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1. Are these surveys safe?
2. Will I get junk mail?
3. How much time do surveys take?
4. Why do companies pay me?
5. I haven't gotten any survey offers yet, what's up?
6. How often am I paid?

Are these surveys safe?
Absolutely! Many of these sites explicitly state that your information will not be sold or distributed to third parties or advertisers. The information that these companies collect is for informational and demographical purposes only, and will not be given out without your consent.

Will I get junk mail?
No. The companies will not send you newsletters or junk mail. Ninety-nine percent of the emails that you will receive from them will either contain important information or will be a survey invitation.

How much time do surveys take?
Surveys generally take about 5-10 minutes and consist of a number of questions about your feelings toward a product or brand.

Why do companies pay me?
Companies want consumer opinions about their products so that they can constantly improve them. Most people, however, will not give them accurate feedback that they can use unless given the incentive to do so.

I haven't gotten any survey offers yet, what's up?
Companies do not send surveys in set amounts of time. It may take weeks before you get one survey offer, or you could be getting them multiple times each week. Additionally, if you feel that you should be getting survey offers, but are not, check the your email filtering software, which may be unintentionally blocking the survey invitations.

How often am I paid?
It varies between companies and also depends on the type of payment. For surveys that offer cash, most companies will pay you two weeks after the survey ends. Check the website of the company that you have signed up with to see their policy on payment.

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