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Have you ever wanted to get paid money for giving your opinions? Well, you can. Paid surveys are a reality. Companies spend millions of dollars each year paying research firms and other companies to gauge customer reaction to their products, advertising campaigns, ideas, etc. By simply taking a few minutes to give these companies your opinion, you can get cash, gift cards, prizes, or other great products. This is, in no way, promising that you will get rich quick. These surveys do take time, but you can also receive a fair amount of compensation for taking them. Best of all, there is no need to pay anything to do these surveys--just sign up and wait for an email enviting you to take one to arrive. In fact, there are many people who have quit their jobs and just take surveys from home for a few hours a day.

Take more surveys, make more money. It's that simple! You can start taking surveys by browsing the links below.

NameSurvey TypeNotesPayment
SurveySavvySurveySurveySavvy is one of the oldest online survey companies around, and LuthResearch, their parent company, has been doing surveys since 1970--back then, only paper and pencil were available. Now, they are online, and they pay you cash for every single survey that you complete. They also have the highest percentage of surveys above $10. Shortest $20 surveys (usually taking approximately 15 mins). Can get a check sent to you at any time.$5-$40
goZingSurveyPaid via Paypal or gift certificates. Also included: TiVo drawings, $5000 monthly giveaway, as well as $50 to 100 people.$2-$50
My SurveySurvey1,000 points = $10.00. Chance to win $10,000. Chance to win $500, for taking the first survey. One member wins 10,000 points every day.Points
Lightspeed ResearchSurveyGood paying surveys. 1,000 points = $10. There are quite a number of surveys on this site as well as a 5,000 point giveaway that occurs periodically.Points
ECN ResearchSurveyYou can win a $500 shopping spree for signing up, or you could get other free stuff such as vacations to over 50 different destinations.$500, Free Stuff
Opinion SquareSurveyCash giveaways, monthly iPod giveaway, trips to Europe, LCD TVs, daily NetFlix subscriptions... the list goes on and on!Cash and Prizes
American Consumer OpinionSurvey, Focus GroupAmerican Consumer Opinion is one of the biggest survey companies out there. Despite the name, they have members from all over the world. $250 drawings every month, focus group rewards are usually above $25.$4-$50 is one of the best companies out there that find surveys for you to take. There are thousands of sites (including this one) that highly recommend their service, and they are one of the highest-rated sites on ClickBank, which processes thousands of online orders every day. Their huge database, which is updated daily, consists of a variety of survey sites with payments ranging from $5 to $150!

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Paid - Online - Surveys
Earn anywhere from $5 to $120 for participating in online surveys and up to $250 for giving your opinions in a focus group! Phone surveys can bag you up to $120 per hour, and even up to $50 for viewing movie trailers. You also have the chance to earn a number of exciting prizes and free products! There are more than 200 survey companies that are listed in its database, and the company's affiliate program pays 75% per sale.

NameSurvey TypeNotesPayment
Focus World InternationalFocus GroupCash
E-PollSurvey500 points for most surveys that can be traded in for gift certificates at, Dunkin Donuts, StarBucks, Sharper Image, and more.Points
MBS InternetSurvey, Focus GroupIf you have a review survey, you will be allowed to keep the sample product that you receive. Focus groups generally last 1-1.5 hours.$1-$10
efocus.comSurvey, Focus GroupVaries
Intelliquest Technology PanelSurveyRandom cash drawings of $10,000 and $500.$0.75-$2.50
iopinion.comSurvey, Focus Group, DiscussionCash
Garter Business PanelSurvey (Online or Telephone)Compensation comes in the form of access to information, drawings, products, cash.Varies
Opinion PlaceSurvey, In-Home Product TestFor each survey you complete, you get a certain amount of "AADVANTAGE miles" (at least 150 usually) which allow you to take longer surveys. Peoples' opinions count more if they have more "miles." Points
CybeResearchSurveyChance to win cash or prizes.Drawing
YourSay.comSurvey, Focus Group, InterviewCash
ConsumerviewsSurvey$5 or More
FocuslineSurvey, Focus GroupSurveys are given online in chat-like environment.Cash
BuzzBackSurvey, Focus GroupSweepstakes, gift certificates, cash.Varies
DiscoverWhy.comSurveyWatch some videos. Prizes include cash, drawings, and other things.Varies
KidzEyesSurveyFor kids, of course.Cash, Prizes
SurveySiteFocus Group$35 or More
Sporting InsightsSurveyPrizes are mostly sport-related.Drawing
Online eVALSurveyQuarterly drawings of $10-$100.Drawing
Greenfield OnlineSurveyChance to win $2000 and other prizes.Drawing
Team Look-LookSurveyLooking for people between 13 and 30 years old.$5
testspinSurvey, Focus GroupAs much as $4 per survey. Focus groups may pay up to $30. Surveys are extremely rare.$1-$4
Partnership PlusSurvey200 points per month. 3200 points = $60. Other prizes available. Details on website.Points
Music ResearchInterviewCDs
Big LookSurveyCash
Mars ResearchSurvey, Focus Group, Interview, MoreVaries
AxiusSurveyThey don't pay cash, but if they send you something to test, you get to keep it.Products
NPDORSurvey2 people win $1000 every month, and about 500 people win $100.Drawing
USA PanelSurveyDrawings
eyecloud ConsultingSurvey, Focus GroupSome surveys prize sweepstake entries for amounts between $100 and $500.$1-$10
Viewpoint ForumSurveyMost surveys award 75 points. 375 points = $10.00.Points
Brand InstituteSurvey, ChatHas some tricky screeners in their surveys.Cash
Bellwether SurveysSurveyThe drawing prizes may be cash or various other electronics, such as DVD players, mp3 players, or digital cameras.Drawing
TechWorldSurveyDrawings are for cash prizes between $10 and $200, gift certificates, as well as various electronic products.Drawing
Yahoo! User ResearchField Study, Telephone Study, Usability Study, Online Focus Group, Online SurveyThe online focus group and online survey usually do not offer compensation for your time. Usability studies are conducted at the Yahoo! office in Sunnyvale, CA. Yahoo! employees come to your house for field studies. Only the field study, telephone study, and usability study will pay $50. $50+
i.think inc.SurveyIn general, surveys under 10 questions offer drawing entires, while surveys over 10 questions are for cash.$2-10
Digital ResearchSurveyDrawings are for cash or various other prizes. "Tell-a-Friend" system gives you a higher chance to win.Drawing
fgi ResearchSurveyCash prize drawings instead of cash for some surveys.$5-$10
SurveyCafeSurveySome surveys give cash or gifts from a drawing.Food

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